domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

This will be the Golem supercomputer

Have you ever walked down the street missing a technologically radiant future that never came? We have smartphones, electric cars ... But the whole thing is still very rustic, let's not fool ourselves. Now, it seems that things are starting to change with the arrival of, for example, innovations like Golem supercomputer. A global computer that harnesses the computing power of millions of computers like yours or mine to shed light on the most powerful computing tool the world has ever known.

Golem leverages the technology of Ethereum's glittering network to create a large (and potentially interplanetary) computer network. This CPU's web will use the combined power of all mechanisms to create a decentralized supercomputer. Amazing, right? Its incredible computing power will allow for great advances in the field of scientific research, data processing, artificial intelligence ... And, basically, in everything that requires massive computing power.

The global computer
Golem is a decentralized application (D'app) of the Ethereum network that takes advantage of the computing power provided by all the computers connected to the network. It has often been described as the 'Airbnb of computers', as it offers the possibility of selling or buying computing power to the network. That will allow the average user to work as if he were using a supercomputer for his or her homework. Imagine the possibilities of working with machinery superior to that of NASA while you are sitting comfortably on the couch.

                  Each computer will be a cell of a cybernetic superorganism.

The idea is that mass computing is within the reach of everyone and not technological giants like Google or Amazon. There are those who say that this will be one of the computer models that will grow humanity by providing an almost unlimited computing power for each home. There are also those who venture beyond and postulate that it will be the model for interplanetary communication. Be that as it may, this system will generate (in theory) a much more stable network than we have today based on a central server that redistributes the information to millions of small ports.

The one is the whole and the whole is the one
This technology can be understood with an analogy of the human body. In our organism each cell has an autonomous functioning and is part of a much greater machinery. In the Golem network, each computer will be a cell that can take advantage of the strength of all the cells of its 'body'. As if a human were able to channel all its internal energy so that its cells perform some action. Simply incredible. They will be like the neurons of a great brain that will generate a gigantic computing power.

Next step? Discover the mysteries of the universe.

Do you remember the Terminator supercomputer? What does not sound so futuristic anymore?

Golem is born as a 2.0 technology built on top of the Ethereum code. The latter is the network that is revolutionizing the world of technology and finance. It takes its name from the Ether, the philosophical nomenclature of the ancient world that described the emptiness of the universe through which information circulates. The base code of this network will allow communicating to two machines in only 300 lines of code. Everything a cryptographic Haiku that will allow chatting to the machines in a fluid, concise and arbitrary way. Yes, (in case you were thinking) is a giant step in Artificial Intelligence.

Don't panic is Peer to Peer
The Peer to Peer economy (from Polo to Polo) proposes an economic system based on the exchange of value between people without intermediaries. It was the basis of technologies that you already know for sure as the mythical torrents, the Emule, Napster ... Now, the great archive that is the chain of blocks (that arrived with the Bitcoin) is proposed as the file and the vehicle of the information To carry out all the exchanges in a decentralized universe; The world of crypto-currencies.

The Golem project will create a supercomputer chained all around the world.

With this system, the role of arbitrator (so typical of central entities) will not be necessary either. We will be able to rent to others the computational power that we do not use to the own network and we will be paid just for it. Each device with memory, computing capacity and Internet connection will become a small engine of a gigantic global computer. Spring, right? Imagine the power of research in fields such as medicine, science ... All decentralized and with a great potential for users to mold it to their liking.

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